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You've purchased your chiles, now what? We've got a super simple guide that will keep your prized chiles fresh for up to a year. Hatch chiles make great additions to soups, rellenos, casseroles, enchiladas, and more! Yum! 


•Refrigerate or freeze the roasted peppers within 2 hours of roasting.

•For rapid cooling, place roasted chiles in containers no deeper than 2 inches.

•Keep refrigerated or frozen.

•Use refrigerated chiles within 3 days.

•Thaw frozen chiles in the refrigerator.

•Roasted Hatch Chiles should not be stored at room temperature.

Tips on freezing roasted hatch chiles

Your peppers can be frozen whole with the skin on or the skin and seeds can be removed, depending on what your intended use and preference is.

​To remove skin and seeds:

1. Allow peppers to steam in the bag for at least 20 minutes after roasting to ensure they have had time to "sweat" (or steam), this allows for easier removal of the skin and a more tender pepper.

2. Using latex gloves, gently peel the skin off in small pieces, being careful to not tear the pepper along with the skin.

3. Once the skin is removed, using a knife, score along the top of the pepper and pull the stem end of the pepper and any seeds that are attached out.

4. Score pepper along one side and spread the side out, the pepper should be on a flat surface or in your hand. Gently use a spoon to scrape any remaining seeds out.

Packaging & Freezing:

Now you are ready to package the peppers, place them in a freezer bag and remove any excess air, seal the bag and label the bag with the current date. This makes it easier to ensure your peppers aren't used past the 1-year mark.

Thawing Peppers:

Thaw your Hatch chiles in the refrigerator to avoid bacteria growth. 

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