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Tips to help the environment on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Here at Porter’s we encourage you to help the environment with a few easy, simple steps:

1. Purchase reusable grocery bags and bring them with you on your shopping trip to Porter’s (you may find these are your local Porter’s store).

2. If you choose to use our grocery bags, reuse the bags as many times as possible.

3. If you don’t wish to reuse your Porter’s grocery bag, be sure to recycle it properly and not let it blow away in our strong West Texas wind!

4. Reuse products wherever possible.

•Just made pasta? Please don’t throw away your pasta sauce jar; reuse it to hold other foods such as grains, pasta noodles, or utensils!

•Did your bread go stale? Toss it in a blender and make homemade bread crumbs, or bake it to make homemade croutons.

•Use an empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls as craft projects for your kids!

There are so many ways we can help the Earth, just by doing a few simple things each day, not just on Earth Day. After all, doing your part can make a big difference for future generations!

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