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Porter’s Helps in the Adopt- A- Pet Event

Our team in Andrews, TX volunteered in the Adopt- A- Pet Event held at the local Animal Adoption Center. The Animal Adoption Center hosts an adoption event every Saturday from 8:30 to 12 pm, in hopes of finding our furry friends a new and loving home. Our brand ambassadors joined them and helped interact with the dogs by giving them walks, and showing them love, and attention.

Become A Volunteer!

If you have a big heart for animals like we do here at

Porter’s, there are many opportunities to volunteer in

an event just like this.

Porter’s Pet Care Package

Our team in Andrews, TX not only helps care for our animal friends but when you adopt a pet you will receive a free “Porter’s Pet Care Package.” Porter’s, the City of Andrews, and Cpl. Rays partnered together to encourage the community to adopt more animals needing homes. Cpl. Rays will give vouchers for a free “Cpl. Ray's Puppuccino,” with proof of adoption.

What’s Inside?

Our team of brand ambassadors put together 30 packages for the first batch of the new program. The Packages consist of a reusable Porter’s tote bag, food and water bowl, collar, treats, dog/puppy food, and a leash. Visit the Andrew's Animal Shelter today!

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