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Because You Said Yes - May Story

The Power to Keep Learning

There is power in community. Luis Miguel and his mom have seen how that power transforms.

If you want to meet Luis Miguel, you would have to travel to a slum community called The Island on the outskirts of Guatemala City. He lives there with his mom and stepdad and walks 40 minutes each way to attend the closest public school. Though he has learning disabilities and his mom can neither read nor write, Luis Miguel knows the importance of receiving an education.

So he walks.

Transportation is limited and too expensive for a boy whose family struggles financially as day laborers in construction and by selling ice cream in the neighborhood. Breakfast isn’t an option unless he can receive what the government provides at the school.

A teacher at his school said she was concerned Luis Miguel would fail his classes without additional help. He had difficulties comprehending words, and barely knew how to write. That’s when his mom learned about CadaNiño, an afterschool program that’s part of the Orphan Outreach family of ministries.

At CadaNiño, Luis Miguel received the essentials of care he needed. There were teachers to help him with reading comprehension and writing, a mentor to talk to him about the love of Jesus, and someone who worked with him specifically on computer skills and STEM. Luis Miguel’s grades improved.

So did his confidence.

With no computer or internet at home, Luis Miguel grew worried when the pandemic meant traditional in-person classes at school were cancelled. He negotiated an arrangement with a local bakery to allow him to use their computer in exchange for baking bread. He worked daily from 4am to 8am in the bakery, and then focused on his classes. But there were challenges: internet access was unstable and unpredictable and there was no provision made in case Luis was sick.

But CadaNino again stepped in to serve. Their building was opened for students to have computer access every morning and on the weekends. Students like Luis Miguel now have a safe location to do homework, attend online classes, and talk to their instructors. Luis Miguel says he has a computer, printer, and classroom where he can do research, write papers, work on programs and project, and best of all, keep learning.

Your support equips ministry programs like CadaNino with the resources to be able to serve kids like Luis Miguel more fully, meeting their physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs. When you say, “Round up!” you are investing in a stronger future to children around the world.

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