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Because You Said Yes - May 2022

Because you said yes to rounding up your purchase at checkout, together we have raised $86,994.31 to date! This has been our most successful year yet!

This month we are highlighting Orphan Outreach. Orphan Outreach works with orphaned and at-risk children throughout the world to provide Educational Care, Physical Care, Emotional Care and Spiritual Care and is supported by donations such as our Round Up for Hope program.

Navigating Life in the Midst of War

For more than a decade, young adults who have aged out of traditional orphan care have been provided a safety net of support by Porter’s Round Up ministry partner Orphan Outreach. Their Aging Out Program first began in Russia, expanding to Latvia and Ukraine; programs have most recently been launched in Latin America.

“These young adults face an unsure future, and without a safety net of support are at high risk of falling victim to criminal activity, drug abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking, and suicide. To these kids, we are like family, helping them navigate the complexities of life,” says Amy Norton, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for the nonprofit.

Since February 2022, that care has included navigating life in the midst of war.

In Ukraine, the Aging Out Program is still providing care for more than 20 young adults who have chosen to stay in the city of Dnipro. In-person gatherings remain a constant source of comfort, and staff provides counseling, food, water, and emergency supplies. Additionally, nearly 300 families unable to flee the country are now receiving food, supplies, and Christ-centered counseling. Those families represent more than 570 children, many whom have become part of their families through foster care.

While young men are required to remain in Ukraine in the event they are needed to serve in the military, a number of young women have chosen to evacuate, and Orphan Outreach has worked diligently to provide safe passage to Latvia, where the Aging Out Program in that country is now providing ongoing support and care. Even young Timurs and his mom have found a welcoming new home—and Timurs is attending an adaptive kindergarten specially designed for the littlest refugees.

“We are so thankful for our amazing staff in Eastern Europe who have served during this most difficult and unimaginable war,” reflects Rey Diaz, Orphan Outreach President. “You’ve heard the expression, ‘Not all heroes wear capes.’ Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without their care.”

The generosity of Porter’s customers has served children and families in the midst of natural disasters and global pandemics. And now, that generosity is providing essentials like food, safe shelter, and loving support to young adults and families in the midst of war.

“We are overwhelmed by the kindness of Porter’s in this difficult season,” shares Amy. “Partnership truly does restore hope.”

We continue to thank you for your generous donations. We want to continue to support and give hope to those in need. You can round up your purchase at checkout, or you can also donate $1, $5 or $10!

Find out more about Orphan Outreach and the amazing work they do here:

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