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Because You Said Yes - June Story

Life-Saving Care for a Future Doctor

Purity loves attending classes at ACK Madeleine School in Mechimeru. A bright girl who lives with both of her parents, two brothers, and five sisters in the farming community located in western Kenya, she is a dedicated student who one day wants to be a doctor. When not in class, you’ll find Purity playing with her friends in the field near the school that’s become a safe backyard for all the students.

Purity’s desire to serve the sick is born from the compassionate care she has experienced as she’s faced her own significant medical challenges. In 2017, her body seemed to become intolerant to certain foods. The condition first revealed itself in Purity’s legs and face swelling after meals; it worsened over time to affect her entire body. Heartbroken, she was often unable to attend school. Her parents were distraught.

But Madeleine School provides more than an education—it provides the essentials of care a child needs to thrive, including physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Purity and her family were surrounded by not only her teachers, but also social workers, counselors, and medical experts all committed to her care. She was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a kidney disorder that causes too much protein to be passed through the urine. The team worked tirelessly on her behalf. They provided Purity with a specialized diet and prescription medication as part of her regimen, and they met with the entire family regularly to walk through their concerns throughout the journey.

In February 2021, tests indicated no active signs of Nephrotic Syndrome in Purity’s system. She and her parents are overjoyed. “We are so grateful for the support,” her parents shared. They know the wraparound care Purity receives has saved her life as the future doctor gets to return to the classroom with confidence.

Every time you say, “Round up,” you are saying “YES” to the essentials of care provided to orphaned and vulnerable children through Orphan Outreach. You are transforming lives in the name of Jesus. And in Kenya, you are helping one future doctor stay healthy.

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