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Because You Said Yes - February Story

Finding His Voice

Dimas hasn’t known a life without his mom and grandparents in it. His grandfather treats the six-year old like his own son, and his grandmother lavishes him with love. His mom is dedicated and caring, and she has not allowed the cerebral palsy that others may see as a limitation in her life keep her from doing all she can to provide a better future for her baby boy.

Dimas attends the Montessori program at the Community Outreach Center in Chimaltenango (CCC), Guatemala. He was unsure of his new school at first, and things like following instructions and doing homework were confusing. He imitated his mom’s speech patterns and was easily frustrated with his teachers and fellow students when they struggled to understand him. But the tender and focused care of the teachers and staff at the CCC helped Dimas overcome his fear, and in time he was learning how to articulate every word as he grew more confident in his studies.

Dimas’ confidence has strengthened his family’s resolve to make sure he receives a quality education at the CCC. His mom makes sure he is in class on time, and even with limited resources, he is always prepared to learn. And her gratitude for the care he receives continues to grow. Recently, Dimas received a toy car as part of the CCC’s monthly birthday celebration for its students and staff. In tears, she said, “This is something I can’t provide to my son because of my condition. He wished for a car. And thanks to God, Dimas’ wish came true!”

Dimas hasn’t simply learned educational basics in his time at Montessori. He is receiving the essentials of care he needs to truly thrive. He is learning about relationships and what it means to cooperate with others. At school, he’s now seen as the peacemaker and a good friend to all. The nutritious meals he gets at school have strengthened his body and mind. He’s learning how to help around the house by doing things like hanging up his own clothes. And he is getting to see the power of the Gospel through the support of people like you.

He’s seen the Good News in action, when his grandfather lost his job as a police officer due to COVID. Dimas and his family received food to sustain them and counseling to keep the family united. Even when the Montessori was closed for a season, his teachers made sure he had study kits so he could continue to practice all he had learned.

Your contribution through Porter’s Round-Up helps to ensure Dimas and his family continue to receive the care they need. Your donation is tangible hope for a little boy who now loves to attend school. Dimas has big plans now, thanks to you. Because of the care he receives at the CCC, he gets to dream of one day becoming a police officer, just like his granddad.

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