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Because You Said Yes - December Story

Porter's customers provide hope for Tatiana in Dnipro, Ukraine

Tatiana is known in the Orphan Outreach Aging Out Program in Dnipro, Ukraine, for her infectious smile and ever-optimistic attitude. She and her siblings grew up in the orphan care system after being removed from their home due to neglect. “When I was a teenager, shortly before leaving the orphanage, I met the team from the Aging Out Program who came to visit us. They told us about the program and how they would be able to support us and how we could come to them with any issues."

Tatiana found faith in Jesus Christ through the friendships she made in the program. She learned to navigate life through the individualized support provided as the program prepared each young adult for independence.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it was the Aging Out Program ministry staff that reached out to her first. "They made sure to find ways to help each one of us." This year, her birthday was spent in the basement of an apartment building as air raid sirens screamed outside. The ministry staff was in the thick of it all with her. She says, "The greatest way this war has affected the people of Ukraine is that we are more united together. We help each other in every way we can. We have most of all learned to appreciate life more because we now live with the understanding that, in an instant, it can all end."

Faced with the choice to flee the country or stay, Tatiana chose to stay in her home. She says she would only leave if she could take the people she loves with her. “Saying goodbye would be far too painful,” she shares as she wipes away tears. “I know now more than ever that we must care for each other.”

Porter's customers have provided Tatiana, and all those who have chosen to remain in Ukraine, access to physical, emotional, and spiritual support through the Porter's Round-Up program. That care will continue as long as it’s needed. Tatiana prays peace will come soon to her country, because she loves welcoming people to her home. “I hope that I can invite you to visit us in Ukraine and spend time together again.”

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