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Because You Said Yes - April 2022

Because you said yes to rounding up your purchase at checkout, together we have raised $70,767.28 to date! This has been our most successful year yet!

This month we are highlighting the Marfa Food Pantry.They provide monthly food distributions to low-income families in Marfa, Texas, and is supported by donations such as our Round Up for Hope program. Your donations help purchase nutritious food for distribution as well as to improve storage capacity and conditions of the food pantry.

The Marfa Food Pantry has been able to increase the size of their distribution room as well as include an office area. In addition to this, they also provide nutrition education. The Marfa Food Pantry desires to help pantry participants aim for a lifetime of good health by providing nutrition-education opportunities such as hands-on-nutrition classes, recipes, and cooking demonstrations that help clients feel confident in preparing and consuming healthier foods.

We continue to thank you for your generous donations. We want to continue to support and give hope to those in need. You can round up your purchase at checkout, or you can also donate $1, $5 or $10!

Find out more about The Marfa Food Pantry and the amazing work they do here:

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