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Updates To Our COVID-19 Procedures

Although it has only been two weeks since our last update regarding our policies and procedures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have all faced challenges and celebrated success. Porter's would like to take a moment to thank our Team Members for the incredible job they are performing each day. Your dedication to the communities we serve is incredible and humbling. We are forever grateful to each of you. We would also like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this challenging time. Our commitment to you has never been stronger. Porter's would like to update our customers on the current situation we are facing and how we are responding to it:


Our Team Members have been working hard to ensure customers can shop in a store that is as clean and sanitary as possible. Due to the increased demand on the supply, certain items such as hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes for carts, and other similar items are nearly impossible to attain from any supplier. To ensure that high-traffic surfaces are kept sanitary, our Team Members have been using any disinfectant sanitizers that are available.

One of the most high-traffic surfaces in the store - shopping carts - have been sanitized using Cart Wipes, but unfortunately we have not been able to receive any replacement product from our suppliers. In response to this, our Team Members will be using disinfectant sanitizers after each customer has finished using the cart during shopping. As soon as we are able, we will bring back the Cart Wipes so that customers may sanitize the baskets before shopping. Please be assured that our Team Members will clean every basket after each use, so the surface will be as clean as possible.

All of this is in addition to the procedures we already put in place on March 17th, 2020. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Social Distancing

Following suggested regulations, we are asking that all customers respect their neighbor and leave at least six feet of room between yourselves. Later this week, our stores will be receiving signage that we will place near the checkout lanes. These stickers will have six feet of room between them so that you can visualize the amount of room you should leave your neighbor. Porter's is also requesting that all customers consider sending only one family member to the store to complete their grocery shopping. This will create less congestion in the store and allow everyone to maintain at least six feet of room between each other more easily. Porter's understands that each customer's needs and situation are different, and what works for some cannot work for all. We ask that if you can fulfill this request, that you do so. Our intentions are strictly for the health and safety of our customers and Team Members.

Community Volunteer Project

Lastly, we want to remind customers that we are currently offering an option for the more susceptible to have a volunteer both shop and deliver their groceries to them in Andrews, Texas. Customers who are interested in this service may sign up here. Since we launched the program last week, we have learned what works and witnessed the kindness of a community coming together. For our customers in the remaining communities, we are working with local groups to launch this service as soon as possible. We encourage those who are interested in updates regarding this service to sign up for our E-Newsletter, follow us on Facebook/Instagram for updates.

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