• Ky Ellison

Porter's in Seminole provided refreshments for training

Porter’s in Seminole Texas was proud to support the Gaines County EOC, Seminole Fire Department, and National Weather Service by providing refreshments for their Skywarn training program on March 5, 2020 as presented by Greg Jackson.

Skywarn is a program designed to train weather spotters and with their aid collect localized reports of severe weather. The National Weather Service office in Midland Texas has one of the larger coverage areas in the United States, including all Porter’s locations. The Seminole Skywarn class saw attendance by law enforcement, EMS, fire, amateur radio operators, government officials, school students along with many more.

Attendance was free and not limited to Gaines County, or even those who are in the Midland NWS coverage area. A valuable resource, storm spotters are key to reporting sever weather that the doppler radar might miss between sweeps or due to distance like brief tornados and weather events close to the ground. In addition to supporting the Seminole Skywarn class Porter’s wishes to remind our community that the severe weather season is fast approaching and to take all safety precautions relating to severe weather.

Porter’s would like to thank Greg Jackson from the National Weather Service’s Midland Office, Robert Barrett with Gaines County Emergency Management, Seminole Fire Chief Kyle Abbott, and everyone else who made this event possible. The Seminole Fire Department holds a special place with the Seminole Porter’s family as we have many friends who are part of it including Tina Klassen’s Son, Peter Klassen. To see when Skywarn training is coming to your area please check out https://www.weather.gov/media/maf/skywarn/Skywarn2020Schedule.pdf

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