• Ky Ellison

Heart Health Shopping Tour Announced For Andrews, Texas

Porter's is excited to announce a new partnership with Permian Regional Medical Center in Andrews, Texas. More specifically, Cathryn Slaughter who is a Health Coach in charge of Community Outreach, and Christina Saliba, who is a dietitian working for Unidine at PRMC. They both have a passion for health and wellness, and want to share their knowledge with you!

Our first shopping tour is taking place on Monday, February 24th in Andrews, Texas. It will be hosted by both Cathryn and Christina, as they guide you through the aisles and highlight items that are smart substitutions and are better for your heart! This event is open only to residents of Andrews, Texas and has a limited number of spaces available. It is a FREE event, so if you are interested in learning more and attending this event, click here.

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