• Ky Ellison

Because You Said Yes | November Round Up For Orphans Report

Joshua and ACK Madeleine School

The sound of singing is the first thing that greets visitors to ACK Madeleine School in Mechimeru, located only seven miles from the Ugandan border. Smiles, hugs, and dancing soon follows at the school that’s become a beacon of hope to children and families in the rural Kenyan community.

Joshua remembers when there were only a few students in the mud and stick classrooms. Even then, he had dreams. “I want to be a pilot,” he shared. It was the visitors who would fly from the other side of the world to spend time at the school that sparked the fire. “A pilot brings people in the air to care for other people, like angels from the sky.”

ACK Madeleine School has grown because of the support of people just like you. There are more classrooms, a kitchen, dining hall, and medical center. Cows provide milk and gardens offer fresh vegetables. A deep-water well serves not only the school but nearby families.

Now in high school, Joshua still has his heart set on being a pilot. High school isn’t a guarantee for children in Kenya. In fact, only those who have passed an eighth-grade national examination are eligible to continue their education. Joshua passed with flying colors and continues to be a leader at the boarding school miles away from the place he calls home. He wants to be a role model for the now close to 350 students attending ACK Madeleine School. It’s because of the care he and his younger friends receive that Joshua is well-equipped to succeed as a young adult.

An award-winning quality education, Christ-centered counseling, medical care, two nutritious meals a day, safe clean drinking water, and plenty of space to play and grow are all found at the school in far west Kenya. And your contributions through Round Up for Orphans help ensure those essentials of care are provided to each and every student, from kindergartners just learning their ABCs to older students who hope to one day attend high school, just like Joshua. Joshua’s hope is that, one day, you will travel on a plane to visit ACK Madeleine School so that you will experience the singing, smiles, hugs, and dancing. And his prayer is that he will be your pilot!

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