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Âsar Coffee...Our story: hope in every cup

A bold, smooth taste is what we believe you will find in a cup of Asar Coffee. Yet, that is only a sip of what makes it special. Asar coffee is 100% organically grown, maturing slowly on the shaded mountain slopes of Honduras near the village of La Esperanza “The Hope”, and it is handpicked to assure the best quality. Our coffee provides hope for this remote village, providing full time work and wages to 25 percent of its households. Through a premium coffee we hope to enrich your morning (even your noon and night), and enrich the lives of those who labor to bring it to you.

Asar- (Spanish) roast; (Hebrew/Greek) to give the first portion

Our story: hope in every cup

It was through a series of extraordinary events that Eric Perucca and Brian Alvey became owners of the plantation. They both had spent time in Honduras, but not for the purposes of doing business. Now they were there, the owners of a coffee plantation, that had no living coffee plants! Now what? It was through an unexpected encounter at a hotel far from the plantation that they discovered the next step.

“I will go to your plantation and work. I will give you three years of my life”, said Daniel, who was working as a bell hop at a hotel in La Saba. Growing up in an orphanage on the island of Roatan, Honduras, he had never seen the mountains. Nor had he previously seen a plantation. He didn't know anything about growing coffee. But after hearing the plans that Eric and Brian had for the plantation, to grow excellent coffee that could be enjoyed, to create a path to a better life for many others, and with proceeds from the coffee support missionaries who share the hopeful story of Jesus with the people in the mountains of Honduras, he was determined to join them in their mission.

Eric and Brian couldn't take the generous “gift” (or asar) that Daniel offered. However, they were so impressed by his gesture that they hired him to operate the plantation. Seven years ago Daniel left his familiar surroundings for the unfamiliar quiet outside the small village because he had hope. But it was a lonely existence at first. Then along came Israel to work with him. They re-planted the coffee, prepared more land and planted more coffee, and they tirelessly nurtured the plants. Daniel met and married, Rixy, a lovely young woman from La Esperanza. Their family grew when their daughter Camilla was born. And the coffee plants slowly grew, and grew, and grew. Then after years of dedication and care from Daniel, Israel and their staff coffee beans sprouted from the first plants!

Asar Coffee is pleased to bring the first portion to you. While there is much work to be done, for now relax, drink, and enjoy...there is hope in every cup.

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