Because You Said Yes | February Round Up For Orphans Report

Porter’s Round Up for Orphans Provides Funding for Twelve New Students to Enter Higher Education Program! (Students of the Chimaltenango Community Care Center (CCC)) Journey to Chimaltenango, a sprawling working class town in central Guatemala, and you’ll find two distinct populations: those who are thriving in retail, commercial business, and farming, and those who struggle to survive by working in local dumps to sort trash and search for anything that might provide money for rent or food. These families work twelve to fourteen-hour days hoping to collect enough garbage to earn roughly $3 to $4 US dollars a day. Since 2012, Orphan Outreach has been a safe haven for the most vulnerable child

Weather Damages Strawberry Crops

Heavy rain and freezing weather has damaged strawberry crops from our supplier Well•Pict Berries in Watsonville, CA. UPDATE (2/13/19 @ 10:35 AM): We were able to find another supplier for strawberries. All of our locations have received shipments of fresh strawberries this morning. The Better Berry strawberries, grown and packed by Better Produce from Santa Maria, CA. We are excited and relieved to have these in stock, just in time for Valentine's Day! In a statement from Well•Pict, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dan Crowley, noted that they have "had 4 inches of rain over the last 4 days; there is an additional 0.5 inches coming today." The rain, which was followed with cold tempera

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