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Check acceptance for purchase:

Checks must contain, in a legible manner, the Driver's License Number, Date of Birth, Address, and Phone Number of the person to whom the check is issued. 

*check can be written for no more than $20 over the amount of purchase. Any amount higher will require store manager approval.

Check Cashing policy:

For customers who wish to cash their check, please take your check to the Customer Service desk. We may cash your check, subject to the following guidelines:

•Personal Checks cannot exceed $100.00

•Payroll Checks amount in $999.99 or less* are required to spend 10% of the check amount on groceries. (i.e., a customer with a Payroll Check for $659.87 would be required tos pend $66.00 on groceries in order to cash the check.)

•No Stimulus Checks.

•No Temporary Checks.

•No Insurance Checks.

•No Money Orders. 

•No Income Tax Checks. 

•No 2-Party Checks.

•No Rebate Checks.

•No Out of Town Checks.


*Due to reporting requirements under the USA Patriot Act, we will not cash any checks amounting in higher than $999.99. Thank you for your understanding.

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